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Synaura International by Dan Maltais – Attracting Top Veteran Marketers and New Marketers – Avia

The evolution of the Network Marketing industry is here.

Folks are no longer looking for just a product.

New and experienced marketers are looking for the total package.

They want something that the majority of people can relate to in
some way. Veteran marketers know that you need an opportunity
that multiple personality types can find value in.

Dan Maltais and Synaura International have answered the call
of diversified appeal in network marketing.

What are the different aspects of Synaura that will appeal to
a diverse group of new and veteran marketers?

– Attractive branding a packaging that convey a committment to 
   professionalism and quality

– A revolutionary, beneficial product with a patented, 
    time released delivery system
    – Thermogenic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

– Practical, empowering training and support through Synaura University
   – Not only equips you as a marketer but also helps you grow as a person

– Life changing involvement in charity and humanitarian effort through
the Synaura Fund
    – A portion of every purchase benefits those that are less fortunate
        – You will be able to see video of the project that you contributed 
           to in your back office!

– Unique and lucrative compensation plan designed through distributor’s eyes
   – Designed to help distributors maximize the fruits of their labor

Synaura International and our flagship product Avia will certainly be
the buzz of the network marketing industry in 2009 and beyond.

If you would like to know more or be placed on our info list,
call Deacon now at 214-533-5864 or email him at

We are building a large team for the long term and we would love to
keep you informed over the coming months. Email us today.




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