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Synaura – Team Texas and beyond

If you are in Texas and would like to be on our information list
for Synaura International, call Deacon now at 214-533-5864 or
email him at

We are looking for leaders and team players in the following areas:

Dallas / Plano / Frisco
Fort Worth
San Antonio
Tyler / Longview

We are building one of the largest teams in the company nation wide and Texas
is a very big part of that. The difference here with Synaura is value and culture.

Dan Maltais has spent the last two years setting the foundation for a
company that will create a culture….a culture of true, measurable
humanitarian effort on a global scale through the Synaura Fund….
a culture of advanced, practical training through Synaura University.
And of course, the cornerstone is our revolutionary product Avia.

As banks fail and the economy changes, Network Marketing will become
more and more prevelant in American and abroad. Synaura will be on the
forefront of that expansion. Team Texas is leading the way.

If you are not in Texas and would like to be kept informed about our
developments and growth, send Deacon an email at
and he will connect you with our leaders in your state of residence.


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