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Name change !!!

I am challenging every “black person (burnt face) as the Bible calls it” to get a movement / pressure building force to have the name of the “Motherland continent” changed from “Africa (slave name – The word Africa was applied originally to the country in the immediate neighbourhood of Carthage, that part of the continent first known to the Romans, and it was subsequently extended with their increasing knowledge, till it came at last to include all that they knew of the continent) to its original name Ethiopia (God’s given)”. As “Africans”, we should know the importance of a name. Its weight, influence, and destiny (purpose) driven meaning. I believe that as long as we continue bearing the name “Africa”, majority (which is a shame) of us will display, adopt, and behave as the product of that name “Slaves” and the continent will be the biggest, richest, un-contested “wild wild west” exploitation land, real-estate, people (resources) that there is. I am “crazy – out of my mind” with myself and all “Africans” especially those of us in the diaspora for NOT doing anything about the situation. You think we can get it done? Or maybe you are of the opposite persuasion?  No matter your stand, Show/Demonstrate/Plead your case!!!! For more info see link below.


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  1. My people, this is, rather will be an ongoing debate / discussion so, get ready, get ready!!!.

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