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Getting closer.

Greetings Everyone 

See prelaunch update below from Dan Maltais, owner of Synaura International 

*Quick note from me – I don’t think very many of us, myself included, have ever been privey to an MLM company of this magnitude, at this stage of the development…and needless to say there is an element of risk involved with any new company, there are also “certain things” to look out for that will weigh the odds in favor of long term success, or “risk rewards”…keep a look out in the near future for signs of those “extraordinary elements” while observing the rollout of Synaura…and think about some of those other big companies that were also startups at one time…and where you might be today had you been given the opportunity to involve yourself before the prelaunch even…thanks  “Deacon”



Hello Everyone –

 It is hard to believe that 2008 is almost gone. In 60 days we will usher in a new year with new hopes, new goals and a renewed focus. What will 2009 be like for you? Will it be like 2008?. 2007?, 2006? 

As we brush off the cobwebs on our book of resolutions we encourage you to reflect on this past year. Were your goals met? Are you better off this year than you were last year? Are you financially where you planned on being? 

Time stops for no man. Today quickly turns into tomorrow and the weeks blend into months. With our busy schedules and life’s little surprises thrown in, this is the time of year when we start to ask ourselves “Where did this year go?” 

I hope your answers to these questions are positive and in fact you are in a better place than you were last year. For most Americans that will not be the case.  

This past year has been hard for many people. Layoffs, foreclosures, savings lost and an economy that is on the brink of a depression, has created an environment that is leaving people asking “what will 2009 bring?” 

On Monday, November 17, we plan to answer that question. We are scheduling a special corporate conference call to announce the official date for the pre-launch of Synaura International and to make some very special announcements and introductions. The exact time, phone number and pin code for this call will be announced next week. 

Synaura International is on the move despite a slowing global economy. People from around the world are taking notice and getting excited. E-mails and phone calls are being received on a daily basis asking for more information and voicing their pledge to make 2009 their year and declaring Synaura International their vehicle. 

We encourage you to mark November 17th on your calender. Invite your friends and business partners to listen in on the call.  30 minutes of your time in two weeks could mean time and financial freedom for the rest of your life. 

We look forward to hearing everyone on the call.


To your success. 

Synaura International




Djehi “Deacon” Mouhon

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