1st Corporate Call Report


Greetings Everyone
Our first corporate call was Monday night
We had about 200 or so networkers attend…and some who could not…those who could not have asked me to summarize for them….which I am happy to do of course
This email is long…but that’s okay because I know you are all serious about your business and willing to go through a long email now and then (make sure you see the announcements at the bottom)
The main speaker was Dan Maltais…creator, developer, and primary owner of Synaura…he’s the one who has put it all together…if you were able to catch the call then you are beginning to catch his vision and dedication…if you didn’t you might make it a point to catch the next one…you could hear some things you’ve not heard before
Very quickly some things about Dan…mlm industry for almost 20 years.. distributor, master distributor, corporate, training expert (awarded 5 years in a row), high level executive management, and high level consultant…with seven different companies
–  6  of those companies do over $20 Million in annual sales.
–  4  do over $100 Million in annual sales.
–  3  are doing over $400 Million a year in sales.
–  3  did over $40 Million in their first year.
–  All were profitable within their first year.
–  All are still in business.  
Primary objective for this call  –  Why Synaura – to let everyone know that we realize there are numerous companies out there now all saying the same thing…and new companies coming online every day saying the same thing…but that there are very many things that will seperate Synaura from the rest…what some of those things are…and that we know we have to be different and special and better than everyone else to be a front runner in this category…and we will be
Result  –  Mission Accomplished
My inbox is full of emails (and phone ringing) from people that were on the call…networking people…networking people that are aware of all the other companies…that are shopping and evaluating..and that know what to look for…that are telling me from what they are hearing and seeing so far re Synaura…it is the best they have seen yet…new or old
That was exactly my thoughts when I first heard everything…and is exactly why I am pouring my heart and soul into building this company…and only this company…why I have let everything else go to the wayside…I understand to take advantage of the timing now will reward me 10 fold the rest of my life with this company…I intend to retire with this company…and I know that those of you who feel the same way, and take action now, have a better than average chance of being the top earners with this company
These are some of the things that we feel Synaura will do better…
Branding…hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone just into branding…we will come out of the gate with the look and feel of a Fortune 50 company…the vendor that has partnered up with us to do our branding has won 10 Clear Choice awards for their artwork…they have had major influence in the branding of Tahitian Noni, Xango, Monster Energy drink, Vidration and many many other big companies…this is a company you will be proud to represent, and that will have a high attraction to the masses
Product…we are first to market…not only the product but the delivery system…there is nothing “me too” about it…you will not see it all over the place…and the clinical studies prove a much higher potency than all the others…we will have documentation to back this…it is no hype, just fact… we will happily show proof of any and all statements…Critical Advance in Technology…taking an “already industry leading delivery system and making it better”…Patent Pending Symplex Technology…the first ever time-released liquid provides nutrients to the body throughout the day and night…we fully expect other companies to try and copy this…but they will always be chasing us
Not a One Product Juice Company…rather an anti-aging company that already has first ever cutting edge products on the table…AVIA is simply our first product…not to spoil the fun more details on this down the road
Compensation…sorry no details to show yet – but I’ll bet my paycheck you won’t be disappointed –  referred to as a Coded Bonus Unil-level…very distributor friendly…easy to understand, easy to share…no jumping through hoola hoops to get paid…very seasoned and qualified networkers and compensation plan writers (that have done all the plans out there already) are saying this unilevel will not only create the largest checks – but maybe more importantly – the most checks as per # of distributors
It’s really very simple…no whacky qualifications, no leg balancing, you build an organization, or you become part of an organization that is forming below you…and you get paid…the only requirement is you become a consumer of the product…and…the monthly requirement to do that is very affordable and reasonable
Leadership…second to none…specialists in all areas…corporate, software, and networking…international and domestic…more on this coming soon…full profiles on individuals will be presented of course
Company Support and Company Training…this is an area we will really shine…there’s no way in the world I can relay it properly in text …but I will say that with the Synaura University and the L.I.F.E. system in place (Training Manual – (basically SYNAURA 10)-Listen – Introduce – Follow up – Enroll) which is all part of the distributor kit no extra charge no selling manuals and materials no thrid party systems to join…all part of your distributorship…you will never have to worry about the people you bring into the business not being followed up on, assisted, and trained by the company (they understand we are not all trainers) …we must do our part of course…but the company will go above and beyond

Providing more knowledge to build their business .  distributors will not fall through the cracks. The company will take on training and support responsibilies. We can depend on the company to take a much larger role to train our distributors. This is where a lot of the traction is lost with other companies.
Our distributor kits will be unlike others seen in the industry. Completely functional…open your kit and give someone a full blown presentation  Immediate access to online training, conference calls, web casts, ad copy examples online or offline, live support from distributors.. very unique.
All kits will include the L.I.F.E manuals and access to Synaura University no extra charge…plus a magnified demo example of the symplex technology  showing the microcapsules floating or suspended in the liquid…very cool
To keep retention Synaura is going to mail out catalogs to our distributors and customers. Auto responders and complete state of the art mangement system will be in our back office. There will be many features available from the company. Flyers…  support and training systems second to none. There will be advancements levels in our back office already in place. Your back office will tell you “exactly” what you have to do to advance, or reach the next pay level. We will be able to have our own domain name. Samples of  products can be sent out to people from our websites.. Corporate will help with the follow up as well
I could go on and on about the Synaura training and support system…it will wake up the industry
The CAUSE…this is big…a philanthropy based MLM comnpany…being involved in something bigger than ourselves and an added incentive beyond just the paycheck…humanitarianism projects (Synaura Fund) partnerships with already established worldly charities…pro environment (green)…Educations (incentive trips mixed with education)…visiting the orphanages we’re assisting…the wells our contributions are helping to dig…the kids we are helping to feed …the schools we are helping to fund etc etc…A Synaura Kids educational website. again…i could go on

Dec 17th  Wednesday  begins pre registering for a one week period only. There will be a website set up to register. www.drinkavia.com will be the site…site will go up then…keep an eye on it
This is important for my group…the pre-register will get you into the system…from there I will be strategically configuring my group…it is important that you keep in contact with me regarding your interest and efforts…these will be taken into consideration of course…those most dedicated and working the hardest will be rewarded …those who are just waiting to see but want to get positioned will still have better placement than the rest of the world
Official Pre Launch will be Jan 1st. it will be opened up to the general public. Everybody will be able to start registering their distributors and customers.
Soon regular conference calls will begin…we will keep you informed

Management Team will be announced and on calls between now and then. More on the Comp Plan. More on the product details. Samples will be sent out to distributors

There will be a product related call coming up. The Doctor will be on the call.. Health benefits. Totally dedicated to the product.
Okay…sorry such long email…but i know you want the information, and without a website yet it’s the only way…the only drawback to you getting such early advance warning of the upcoming opportunity is that you have to read all my emails…lol 

Thanks                                                                                                                                                Djehi “Deacon” Mouhon                                                                                 https://dmouhon.wordpress.com or busmlm@gmail.com


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