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On the 17th of December we will open up the “early registration” for one week only…this will lock you into the system for strategic placement into the company geneology when we prelaunch
The signup will be at this site  the site is NOT live yet…not until the 17th
The signup form will ask you to name your sponsor…you must provide this information to get in…you will not be going into the company geneology yet…you will go into your sponsors holding tank for placement/positioning later…those who sign up with you will go into your holding tank for placement/positioning later
You will be able to structure your team strategically
The purpose for this early registration is so you can prebuild, get your teams locked in, and get locked in with your sponsor
You will be asked at the time of “early registration” to choose a starting package and to provide your credit card…your card will not be charged at that time…the charge will be deferred until a later date after we go live…probably the 1st or 2nd week in January although that has not been finalized yet
There will be a choice of packages depending upon your goals…this will all be explained on the sign up page of course…all packages will include a $69 distributor kit plus product…only sample size bottles will be available in january…the lowest package will include the equivalency of 1 case (4 large bottles) product…I believe the case will cost about $120-140 (don’t quote me on this please)…
The monthly requirement will begin at 2 large bottles or the equivalency in sample size bottles
There will be some very nice pdf files going out to the field within the next 7-10 days or so for marketing Synaura and one for the comp plan…they will be very professional and can be used to promote the opportunity
You will be the first to have this information as part of my team
They are working on getting samples out to the field now…the sample bottles will be in plastic not the glass..the genuine glass bottles full size and sample size will come later …more details on this soon
There is a window of opportunity to act now…everyone likes to be notified of companies that have not started yet…tell your friends and associates there is a big new company coming and will they help you evaluate it…don’t make that decision for them by not telling them…get a team in place going into the prelaunch
I’ve been doing this since July and have a good sized group coming in…this will be a team build…we will participate in Synaura University, put their recomendations and suggestions into action, and grow together…we are the foundation of this company…the first to know and the first to join…we will be a part of the history of Synaura
For those that have an email list I have included an attachment containing some letters that I have been using…you should all have received these in the past…starting at the top the Introductory Email has been getting good results…it forces people to ask you for the information so you can start your own “interest list”
I send the first 4 immediately after receiving response to the intoductory letter, to get people caught up and “in the know”…the response I’ve gotten re Synaura has been very very very positive
Things will start popping pretty good in the near future now…word is getting out and Synuara will become a popular word online very quickly…some say Synaura will be one of the most talked about companies in 2009 and beyond…for those prebuilding you will go into the prelaunch with a residual income already in place
Thanks to everyone and I’m looking forward to building Synaura HUGE with all of you…I know some of you are prebuilding like I am…some are waiting on more info…some want to try the product first, some are just curious and watching out of the corners of their eyes to see what unfolds, and some just want to be customers and looking for health benefits…either way is great and I’m glad you are here…the business builders will be positioned up near the top with me…this will help the entire team…anyone who joins the “early registration” is getting in before the rest of the world…if you are serious and are willing to do the work and follow the trainings you will benefit greatly.

See you at the top

Djehi “Deacon” Mouhon                                                                                                                                                                 


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