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Greed, the bloodline

Greed has been the bloodline of our nation for a long time now. In Illinois and specifically in Chicago, it is the “norm”. You do not believe me? Look at what is going on with the “travesty bail out”.  Greed is motivating almost every corporation and state in the Union. Everyone is looking for the free fall “money”, everyone wants a hand out. I thought this is a capitalistic system? well !! Capitalism is maybe synonymous to greed and selfiness.  

Suggestion – Why does not the governmet bail out the actual people contributing to the economy (you & I, taxpayers)? I bet you if they were to give out to every taxpayer hundred thousand, fifty thousand or less, we will spend that money and the economy will self start. I know, the “educated, civilized” folks will say this too simplistic, try it then and prove me wrong. I do not mind recognizing that I was wrong. First, try it.


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