Xmas Gift

Greetings from Djehi “Deacon”
Have you ever been lucky enough to hear about a brand new opportunity before it actually launches? How about an opportunity that has not even signed up its first distributor yet?  
Timing is everything in Network Marketing. Your success could depend on WHEN you get involved in an opportunity just as much as how hard you work at building a solid business. 
There have been fortunes made on timing alone. The first in are usually the first to cash in as well. Timing can mean the difference between an average income, or an extraordinary income 
A Direct Sales Company that has been in development for over 2 years now is unveiling themselves and their cutting edge nutritional product to the marketplace in January 2009…an “interest list” is now forming 
The product is unique, exclusive and a true category creator, the delivery system is already a success story creating BILLIONS in sales and the next generation compensation plan will not only create the largest checks in the industry, it will create more checks than any other company. 

– Millions of Dollars Invested
– Unique Time Release Technology
– Harvard Medical Doctor Formulated
– Fortune 500 Branding
– Successful and Experienced Management
– Distributor Friendly Compensation
– Next Generation Support and Training System 
Positioning is now wide open…there will be an early registration made available in December .

Reply to this or go to https://dmouhon.wordpress.com for specifics..name of company, name of product, people involved, marketing plan, marketing and training system, date of launch…and how you can benefit by getting involved with myself and my team. Strictly information at this point…but after a short series of emails you will know exactly who we are and what we are doing – and if you want to involve yourself in what some say could be the most talked about compnay in 2009 and beyond. 
Please include in your email a bit about yourself and any networking experience… I am pre-qualifying for top spots 
Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you

Djehi “Deacon” Mouhon
busmlm@gmail.com or http://www.discoveravia.com/mouhon
Only When I Can See The Invisible                    
I Will Do The Impossible……………..

PS: Go to https://dmouhon.wordpress.com, under categories, Synaura for more info about company and product(s).


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