If Abortion were to be illegal………

“If abortion were illegal, what should be done to the women doing it (illegal abortion)”? The person who asked the question says “it should stump anti-abortionist”.  I do NOT think so…… 

I wrote this as a comment to this question “I do not think that “your question” should nor will stump any true believer.  The saying “Give to Ceasar what is his” should settle this matter.
If abortion were to be illegal, the body in charge of creating and implementing laws in this country will or should come up with the “appropriate” sentencing / penalty. Oh by the way, it is said that “Be not deceived, you reap whatsoever you sow”. If you do not intend to be pregnant, either do not engage in activities that will result in it or just take precautions. If you do not then enjoy the “fruit” of your labor – Selfish …..LOL.
Go to: https://dmouhon.wordpress.com if you want to continue or learn a little more. Be blessed you and everyone that reads this”.


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