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Get the FACTS, Do the MATH!! It Will Make You Extremely Wealthy

Fellow Serious Entrepreneurs,
I want you on my TEAM. This opportunity is in prelaunch now, it will launch in the next FEW DAYS.  Look and listen to the comp plan and make a decision. Please print comp plan ( before listening to comp plan call.  See more info below:
– This is excellent from Saturday’s Synaura University training call introducing our Senior VP of Sales and Marketing Mr Travis Martin, and a detailed explantion of the Freedom Plan…see why we will have a major edge on the competition regarding comp plans.
 – If you are curious to know some of the things that will separate our product AVIA from all the other products out there listen to this call from Synaura Co-Founder Dr Kenneth Kroll
             – Harvard Medical Doctor
             – Board Certified Surgeon
             – Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine
             – Lecturer, Author and Authority
             – Chief Science Officer – Synaura International
             – Co-Founder – Synaura International
             – Co-Formulator – Avia
                CLICK HERE FOR Dr. Kroll’s Call  (
 – First Soft Launch Opportunity Call Thurs Jan 8th
               Dan explained what to look for in your search for a good company…   why some companies are better than others…and why and how Synaura meets all those needs
        CLICK HERE NOW !!

 – Synaura Opportunity Conference Calls
              Thursdays 9PM EST   212-990-8022   3535#
 – Synaura University Training Calls
              Saturdays 1PM EST   212-990-8022   3535#
PS: Join and You will be one (1) generation away from company – True ground level. My sponsor is a founding Member. (
To Our Success in 2009
Djehi “Deacon”


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