History, oh yes History time…….

History is being made today. We are witness to the power, will and common (good sense) of the people of America (USA). Regardless of our political, religious or racial affiliation, this is a day for “all” to cherish and remember. Let’s give ‘CHANGE’ a chance, let us see, hear, and live from a different perspective or angle. Let’s give Hope a reason to propel us as a people and a nation even higher in our standards and better in our attitudes. May God bless each of us, our loved ones, our nation, and use us to be a blessing to the rest of the world……..


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Greed, the bloodline

Greed has been the bloodline of our nation for a long time now. In Illinois and specifically in Chicago, it is the “norm”. You do not believe me? Look at what is going on with the “travesty bail out”.  Greed is motivating almost every corporation and state in the Union. Everyone is looking for the free fall “money”, everyone wants a hand out. I thought this is a capitalistic system? well !! Capitalism is maybe synonymous to greed and selfiness.  

Suggestion – Why does not the governmet bail out the actual people contributing to the economy (you & I, taxpayers)? I bet you if they were to give out to every taxpayer hundred thousand, fifty thousand or less, we will spend that money and the economy will self start. I know, the “educated, civilized” folks will say this too simplistic, try it then and prove me wrong. I do not mind recognizing that I was wrong. First, try it.

Are you ready for this???

Kill him, kill him!!! Kill Robert Mugabe – Take him out. That is the way I feel now. Some will say it is NOT Christians like. Well! I am Not a Christian, I am a follower of Christ, a “Barbarian” as pastor Erwin Mc Namus says. Why are African leaders and people (and the rest of the world) sitting around allowing “Genocide” to start? Where are the people that go around “assasinating” the wrong individuals for other reasons? This is a murderer and heartless man that needs to go and go now. You do not agree? Why not? You do agree? Why?

Snapshot of Glory.

There is no king saved by the multitude of an host: a mighty man is not delivered by much strength. Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy. Both riches and honour come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all.
I glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.

2 History (has change come)?

Now the elections are over – Let’s give the “elected gentleman” the chance to get it right. Borrowing from Zechariah 7:9-10.

Thus speaketh the LORD of hosts, saying, Execute true judgment, and show mercy and compassions every man to his brother: And oppress not the widow, nor the fatherless, the stranger, nor the poor; and let none of you imagine evil against his brother in your heart. This is my prayer for us all – Americans either (Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Caucassians etc….). We are spiritual beings first, then human beings (same blood types and color) before belonging to the classes above (Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Caucassians etc….). Let’s implement change and hope.

History (has change come)?

Now the elections are over – Let’s give the “elected gentleman” the chance to get it right.

Indeed history has been made regardless of the outcome of this administration to come in January. It came classy, eloquent, inclusive, and full of HOPE – Hope in its fullness (in every aspect of our known potentials in America – USA). How are we (all Americans) going to make it possible for HOPE to be pragmatically spread here (USA) first then to the rest of the world?  We have a responsibility to be actors in helping the elected administration as well as each other reach the (Hopeful) goals set for our Nation. Let’s put our heads (smart) together to make it happen. Please, get involved in the discussion either for or against. It all will profit us.