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To Our Success in 2009,

Deacon Mouhon 




Synaura Avia Branding / Product Picture

avia bottle

avia bottle

The Synaura Avia bottle will be a custom glass bottle.

All bottles, including sample bottles, will be glass bottles.

Branding is designed by the same firm that branded the Sobe lizzard,
Monster energy drinks, Xango, and the Tahitian Noni re-launch.
Founder, Dan Maltais and his team are doing everything first class.

Synaura International and our flagship product Avia will certainly be
the buzz of the network marketing industry in 2009 and beyond.

If you would like to know more or be placed on our info list,
call Deacon now at 214-533-5864 or email him at mouhon@hotmail.com

Synaura Value

The level of value a home based business gives to
customers is often conveyed by looking at the contents
of the distributor kit you receive when you sign up.

The goal at Synaura is to really set everyone up for
success from the word ‘go’. As Dan Maltais says,
“We want to give everyone a track to run on. We want
them to have the tools they need to be successful.”

I think you would agree that its the little things that
really bridge the gap between success and
failure. I believe our Business Pack at Synaura is
going to help the industry re-focus on helping folks
get started on the right track immediately.

Synaura International Business Pack (included)

• M.A.P Guide
• L.I.F.E training manual
• Presentation DVD – 5 pack
• Presentation CD – 5 pack
• Media kit DVD
• Compensation plan chart
• Table top presentation flip chart
• AVIA single serving cups – 10 count
• Synaura corporate booklet
• Taste party invitation post cards – 10 pack
• Synaura application pad
• Q&A flyer
• Sealed Micro Capsule presentation vial
• Shot glass
• Product brochure – 10 pack
• Business brochure – 10 pack
• Maqui berry brochure – 10 pack
• AVIA product CD – 10 pack