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Back from Vacation….

Well I am back from the self imposed vacation. Ready to post the word of God and some astonishing business OPPORTUNITIES that are RECESSION Proof.

Synaura International by Dan Maltais – Attracting Top Veteran Marketers and New Marketers – Avia

The evolution of the Network Marketing industry is here.

Folks are no longer looking for just a product.

New and experienced marketers are looking for the total package.

They want something that the majority of people can relate to in
some way. Veteran marketers know that you need an opportunity
that multiple personality types can find value in.

Dan Maltais and Synaura International have answered the call
of diversified appeal in network marketing.

What are the different aspects of Synaura that will appeal to
a diverse group of new and veteran marketers?

– Attractive branding a packaging that convey a committment to 
   professionalism and quality

– A revolutionary, beneficial product with a patented, 
    time released delivery system
    – Thermogenic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

– Practical, empowering training and support through Synaura University
   – Not only equips you as a marketer but also helps you grow as a person

– Life changing involvement in charity and humanitarian effort through
the Synaura Fund
    – A portion of every purchase benefits those that are less fortunate
        – You will be able to see video of the project that you contributed 
           to in your back office!

– Unique and lucrative compensation plan designed through distributor’s eyes
   – Designed to help distributors maximize the fruits of their labor

Synaura International and our flagship product Avia will certainly be
the buzz of the network marketing industry in 2009 and beyond.

If you would like to know more or be placed on our info list,
call Deacon now at 214-533-5864 or email him at mouhon@hotmail.com

We are building a large team for the long term and we would love to
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Synaura Press Release Announcement

For Immediate Release: Salt Lake City / 16th September 2008

Synaura International, a new Utah based direct sales / network marketing company, announced today the impending launch of Synaura International and the introduction of a blockbuster new product AVIA (aye vee aye). AVIA is a quantum leap forward in the field of liquid supplementation and the first product to introduce the newest exotic super botanical, Maqui. (mah key)

The Product: AVIA

Grown in Patagonia, one of the most pristine places on earth, Maqui has recently been discovered to be the most powerful antioxidant botanical in the world. A dark deeply purple berry, Maqui has shown to be a more powerful antioxidant than acai, mangosteen, goji, noni or even chocolate, according to independent lab reports.

According to studies Maqui berry is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and has thermogenic properties that may help in relieving pain caused by swelling and aid in weight loss. The Maqui berry is Organic, the product is all natural with no harmful or artificial preservatives and AVIA is not pasteurized in any way. It truly is a super nutrient complex.

In addition, the highly unique, patent-pending formula within AVIA also stimulates the body’s own production of Glutathione, Catalase and Super Oxide Dismutase which help defend the body from the attack of free radicals and protect the body’s 60 trillion cells from oxidation and pre-mature aging.

AVIA is not a “juice” product. While the Maqui fruit certainly is a dramatic step forward from other health orientated fruits of the past – AVIA contains many other scientifically validated nutrients, compounds and technologies that put it in a class all by itself.

One such technology is Synaura International’s “SynPlex” time-released nutrient delivery system. AVIA contains millions of tiny microcapsules about the size of a grain of sugar that release nutrients into the body over time once ingested. This technology makes AVIA the world’s first time released liquid supplement! This is truly a “first to market” innovation. No other product offers the fusion and synergy of nutrients, science and technology like AVIA. The domestic and global scope of AVIA is truly remarkable.

The Compensation Model

The Synaura International compensation plan is being touted as the biggest paradigm shift in the network marketing industry. In this plan, which is still a closely guarded secret – you will see many industry firsts. The AVIA product and concept behind the Synaura compensation plan will create a movement and switch that could make Synaura one of the fastest growing success stories of all time. This compensation plan is projected to create the biggest checks in the history of network marketing and at the same time provide for more part time successes and stability than any previous model.

Synaura University

Another powerful component to Synaura International will be the World-Class training and business development workshops for Synaura Associates. Led by industry professionals with over 50 years of full time network marketing experience, Synaura’s training and associate development program will be second to none, and the talk of the industry.

Synaura International: A Passionate Company That Supports Many Causes

Internal humanitarian programs such as the Synaura Fund and external relationships with well established charities hope to bring the company’s humanitarian vision of one person, one action to life.

To Learn More:

Synaura International is a futuristic and innovative whole health company whose products are based on the newly discovered Maqui botanical and the cutting edge science of anti-oxidation and anti-aging. Synaura plans to pre-launch with AVIA in the late fall of 2008. Periodic updates will be made available to you here at this blog as they become available.

Friends, the founder of this company, Synaura, is one of
the top trainers in the industry….a consistent top 1% earner.
He is someone who believes in team work and collaboration.

Synaura International is being designed through distributor eyes…not executive eyes.

We have a very unique situation here….some will see the unique
traits now…others will see them later…but I am confident that everyone
will see them. Why not be one of the first to get involved with the next
network marketing giant?

I am building here and am happy to provide you with more information
if you are interested in taking a closer look.

We have had one prospective leaders call. I recorded that call with
my byoaudio account. Let me know if you would like to listen to
the recording.

Synaura International and our flagship product Avia will certainly be
the buzz of the industry in 2009 and beyond.

If you would like to know more or be placed on our info list,
call Deacon now at 214-533-5864 or email him at mouhon@hotmail.com

Synaura - Be First

“Oh no… Not Another Juice!”

Have you heard this comment before?

I am sure you hear this everyday if you are sharing the Synaura story.
Is this an obstacle? Is there room for another so called “juice” in the MLM industry?
After all, there are more than a dozen “juices” on the market right now.

Lets take off the MLM blinders for a minute and take a realistic look at the facts.

1. Because a delivery system is abundant in a particular industry means that there is competition. It does not mean that it is saturated. Take a look at pills and capsules.
Do you think that because there are over 1,000 MLM companies and a thousand more retailers that carry a line of products who’s delivery system is a pill or capsule that the collapse of the industry is imminent? Of course not.

Liquid supplements, just like pills and capsules are here to stay with no end to the demand in sight.

2. “Soda Sales Down For First Time Since 1985″ – According to Beverage Digest, carbonated beverage sales are on the decline while beverages that are perceived to be healthier are seeing tremendous growth.

3. “Soda Sales Down 24% in Schools” – According to the American Beverage Association carbonated soda sales are taking a major tumble while the sales of fortified waters and sports drinks have skyrocketed.

4. “Functional Beverages Outselling Vitamins and Dietary Supplements” – The Functional Beverage market is expected to grow by 34% by 2011 according to Euromonitor International. Vitamins and other Dietary Supplemements are expected to grow by 18%

5. “Health Beverage Sales Up 20%” – Accoridng to Packaging Facts, an industry research firm, health beverage sales have increased every year since 2002 while beer and soda sales have declined at twice that rate. Fortified orange juice, milk and wine. Vitamin enriched soda, water and coffee all tell the story of massive awareness and demand.

With MLM goggles on it looks like a pretty crowded field. Xango, Monavie, Zrii, Noni, Goji etc.. but the reality is that once you look at the big picture you will begin to see that the functional beverage industry is on the rise not the decline. Go to your local grocery store and ask the first person you see if they have heard about Xango for example. 99% of those that you ask will look at you like you have two heads.

The beverage industry is solid and the MLM industry will welcome a new liquid supplement with open arms just as the rest of the world will. Lets look at it from a business point of view. Tahitian Noni – $500 Million in sales; Xango – $350 Million in sales; Monavie – $700 Million in sales; Zrii – $4 Million per month in their 10th month in business.

ALL of these companies have SMASHED growth records in the MLM and beverage industry. ALL of these companies started with a liquid supplement. ALL of these companies started a minimum of 2 years a part.

Some started more than a decade apart and still going strong. “What’s so unique about AVIA!” I am sure you get this question on a daily basis as well. So what is the answer? Why is AVIA so different?

1. AVIA is the Original Maqui Supplement. Synaura created the Maqui market. Today there is interest from Japan to New Zealand to Europe in Maqui and research is being done at a feverish pitch to understand the full potential of its healing properties.

2. Maqui has the highest NATURAL ORAC value of any botanical known to exist. NATURAL is the key word. ORAC is easy to spike. Meaning ORAC is easily manipulated by marketers. 5 cents worth of ascorbic acid can boost a products ORAC value 19,000%. Take the ORAC score of a product with caution. Do your research. Maqui is second to none.

3. AVIA stimulates our body’s own production of antioxidant enzymes. Glutothione, Catalase and Super Oxide Dismutase are your body’s own cellular defense system. Not only does AVIA have the highest ORAC of any known supplement. It also boosts your own body’s production of all 3 of these natural occuring antioxidants. No other product does what AVIA can. Not a juice, powder, pill or tablet compares.

4. AVIA is the world’s first ‘Time Released” beverage. While other products lose their effectiveness in a matter of hours. AVIA slowly releases powerful active ingredients into your system slowly throughout the day giving your body the ultimate protection. AVIA contains millions of tiny microcapsules about the size of a grain of salt.

Each of these microcapsules contain powerful antioxidants and antiinflammatories which protect your body from the damaging effects of cell oxidation and inflammation. “Not another juice” is like saying “not another CAR”. Advancements, efficiancies and effectiveness make the next generation superior to the previous.

AVIA is the next generation and the future of liquid supplements. Anything less would be a step backwards. Synaura’s foundation is strong. We look forward to freeing the possibilities.

Dan Maltais
Synaura International


Synaura International and our flagship product Avia will certainly be
the buzz of the network marketing industry in 2009 and beyond.

If you would like to know more or be placed on our info list,
call Deacon now at 214-533-5864 or email him at mouhon@hotmail.com